Pregnancy Pillow

This pregnancy pillow is a must have for any pregnant women. It is shaped to support the neck, back and tummy and helps to relieve pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy . Soft 100% cotton cover – removable and washable.
Ideal for mums-to-be who want to try it before decide to buy one.  It can also be used as a nursing pillow.

Dimensions: 70 x 130cm

Pick up location: Papakura - Auckland

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Ring Sling

The simplest sling to carry your baby inward, front or hip carrying position. You do not have to wrap it which means the ring sling is very quick to use and easy to pop on for quick carries.

Tail is useful as breastfeeding, sun or wind cover.

  • One size fits all

  • Grows with baby, from newborn to toddler

  • Comfortable to wear

  • Hands free convenience

  • Weight Range 3.6-15 kg

Check how to use your Maya Ring Sling in the video below:

Putting on your Maya Wrap Baby Sling - YouTube

Pick up Location: Papakura - Auckland

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Electric Pump

This Breast pump kit provides you with all you need for an easy and comfortable expressing. Comes as a double so you have the option of single or twin pumping.

The patented genuine closed system ensures hygienic expression of milk. No milk or micro vapours can back flow down the tubing into the motor, while preventing external air from contaminating the expressed breastmilk. All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA free



Closed System with a hygienic back flow protection system.
Hospital Grade Pump - one of the quietest in the market
Mimics baby's natural suction allowing faster let down.
Adjustable vacuum setting with a wider variation of suction levels

Main body, 2 breast shields (inner diameter 24mm), 2 bottles (150ml), 2 bottle covers, 2 bottle stands, 2 air tubes, 2 caps, 2 disks, 2 valves, 2 silicon massagers.

It also comes with a lightweight microwave steriliser for you to make sure all the breast pump parts will be safe to use again.

Teats are not included with Unimom pumps. Any standard narrow neck teat will fit Unimom bottles.

Unimom Forte Electric Breast Pump - YouTube

Pick up location: Papakura - Auckland

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Baby Sun Hat

Enjoy the outdoor protected from the sun with this cute sun hat. Toys are not included.

Size Small. Suggested for babies 3-6 months

Pick up location: Papakura - Auckland

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Portable Blackout Blind

This lightweight portable blackout blind is perfect to take on trips, helping your baby to sleep in a dark environment anywhere.

Very easy to put up and take down. It comes with suction cups that makes easy to attach directly to any window.

The velcro patches help to adjust the blind to the size of the window, and it can be reduced to around a third of its maximum size.

Large fits windows up to a maximum of 130 x 198 cm

Regular fits windows up to a maximum of 130 x 99 cm

How to install:

To install the portable blind, make sure the window you want to attach the blind to is clean. To clean the window, use soap and water. De-grease the glass with rubbing alcohol if necessary. Bathroom or window cleaners can leave a residue. Wipe clean with a soft cloth.

If necessary, wash the suction cups as well with warm, soapy water, rinse and pat them dry with a cloth. Make sure both the suction cups and the window are clean and dry before application.

To improve suction and help keep the seal tight, dampen your fingertip with water and lightly moisten the inner rim of the suction cup. The key is to not get too much moisture, just barely enough to coat the surface.

Press the centre of each suction cup all the way down firmly to the glass and keep firm pressure for about 15 seconds. Then gently release the pressure. Try not to let the suction cups slide, if they slide easily you might have used too much moisture.

As you go around the window, adjust the size of the blind to fit using the Velcro patches.
Be aware that changes in temperature or humidity may also mean the cups lose suction.

Do not use the blind on windows that have damaged edges, visible chips, cracks or any other glass or frame damage. Do not use on laminated, textured/patterned or leaded glass or windows with internal wire strengthening

How to remove:
Do not pull on the blind to remove it from the window. Not only do you risk damaging the blind and eyelets but you could damage the window itself. Simply pull on the release tab of each individual suction cup to break the suction.

Pick up location: Papakura - Auckland

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Baby Wrap - Noo Noo Pie

The Noo Noo Pie Tie is a baby wrap carrier which is made of a long piece of soft, comfortable fabric . It has the perfect blend of 95% cotton and just a little added lycra for stretch so that you can enjoy all the benefits that natural cotton fibers provide, as well as the added flexibility and support that the lycra provides.

There are no buckles, belts or clasps which makes wearing the tie as comfortable as wearing your clothing. Your baby’s weight is spread evenly over your back and shoulders so you don’t end up with uncomfortable pressure points, muscle strain or back-ache.

You can use the wrap from birth to 10kgs.

Check the video below to learn how to use it.

How to use your Noonoo Pie baby wrap carrier with a newborn - YouTube

Pick up Location: Papakura - Auckland

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Portable Travel Cot

The Phil & Teds T2 is perfect for travelling with younger children that need a safe place for naps and bedtime. 

The T2 comes with its own travel bag and can be used inside or out. The unique mesh offers an 80 UV protection, and keeps the bugs out. 

It comes with a Self-inflating, thermarest mattress. UV shaded cover with storage pocket. 

It is a cot and play yard with zip open side for easy access.

Simple, rapid assembly.

Suitable for children 0 to 24 months.


Product weight: 2.8kg

Packed size: 65 x 20 x 20 cm

Assembled size (total foot print): 117 x 79 x 63cm

Mattress size: length - 98cm, width - 57cm

Pick up location: Saint Heliers - Auckland

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Baby Flap Hat

Your baby will enjoy water play while stay protected from the sun with this flap hat. Toys are not included.

Size Small. Suggested for babies 3-6 months

Material: Nylon and Elastane

Pick up location: Papakura - Auckland

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Carrier Mountain Buggy Juno

This is the most multifunctional carrier you will find suitable for babies from zero to 48 months.

The Mountain Buggy Juno has been developed to deliver the very best ergonomics in all four carrying modes for both you and your child. For children from 3.5 to 20ks.

Front Face in (with the Juno infant Insert): 0 – 6 months. 3.5 – 6.6 kg

Front Face in (without the Juno infant Insert): 6 -24 months. 6.5 – 12.2 kg

Front Face out - 6 -18 months. 6.5 – 10 kg

Back Carry: 6 – 48 months. 6.5 – 20kg

Hip Carrying Position - 6 – 28 months. 6.5 – 12.2 kg

Check the video below to learn how to use this carrier in the four positions and choose the best one for you and your baby:

Mountain Buggy Juno Baby Carrier, Know How to Carry Your Baby - YouTube

Photos: Know how Review

Pick up Location: Papakura - Auckland

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Capsule - Maxi Cosi Pebble Plus

The Maxi-Cosi Infant Car Seat Pebble Plus is manufactured and approved in accordance with the current European safety requirements and quality standards and provides your baby with maximum safety right from birth.

Age suitability: from birth up to about 12 months

Suitable for babies with a height between 45 cm and 75 cm

Max. 12kg

Rearward facing.


Make sure you can fit no more than one finger between the harness and your baby. If there is more space than 1cm, tighten the harness belt further.

Never place the car seat on an elevated surface (such as a table or chair).

Install the car set only rearward-facing in the car.

For a maximum safety and improved comfort, it is strongly recommended to take off the coat of your child.

Do not make any changes to the car seat whatsoever, as this could lead to unsafe situations.

Never leave your child unattended.

Always cover the car seat when exposed to direct sunlight in the car. Otherwise, the cover, metal and plastic parts could become too hot for your child’s skin.

In case of belted installation, make sure the straps holding the car seat to the vehicle are tight.

In case a car seat base with support leg is used, the support leg should be in contact with the vehicle floor.

After putting the child in the car seat, ensure that any straps (such as the harness) are sufficiently tight by pulling the webbing and are adjusted to the child’s body. Before every use, make sure the straps (e.g. of the harness or the belt) are not damaged or twisted.

Expiring date: June 2028


Cushion for newborn, a raincover and the Isofix Base.

Maxi-Cosi | How to install the Pebble Plus - YouTube

Pick up location: Papakura - Auckland

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Baby Sleeping Pod

Ideal for overnight sleeping - for on the go, or in your baby's cot. Cozy, comfy, lightweight, ideal for traveling. Good opportunity to try before you buy if you are thinking or purchasing the baby pod but is not sure if it is the right fit for you and your baby.
Sleep pod cover and bedsheet material: 100% Cotton
Filling material: PP Cotton & Foam
Age: 0-12 months
Size: 90cm x 50cm

Pick up location: St Heliers - Auckland

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Baby chair

This baby chair is foldable, light weighted and will keep your child safe. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use. It can be take to the beach or the park.
Age 6-12 months old.
Your baby needs to be able to sit straight to use this chair. Never leave a child unattended and in a elevated surface. 
Pick up location: Papakura - Auckland

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