Portable Blackout

From NZ$

This lightweight portable blackout blind is perfect to take on trips, helping your baby to sleep in a dark environment anywhere.

Very easy to put up and take down. It comes with suction cups that makes easy to attach directly to any window.

The velcro patches help to adjust the blind to the size of the window, and it can be reduced to around a third of its maximum size.

Large fits windows up to a maximum of 130 x 198 cm

Regular fits windows up to a maximum of 130 x 99 cm

How to install:

To install the portable blind, make sure the window you want to attach the blind to is clean. To clean the window, use soap and water. De-grease the glass with rubbing alcohol if necessary. Bathroom or window cleaners can leave a residue. Wipe clean with a soft cloth.

If necessary, wash the suction cups as well with warm, soapy water, rinse and pat them dry with a cloth. Make sure both the suction cups and the window are clean and dry before application.

To improve suction and help keep the seal tight, dampen your fingertip with water and lightly moisten the inner rim of the suction cup. The key is to not get too much moisture, just barely enough to coat the surface.

Press the centre of each suction cup all the way down firmly to the glass and keep firm pressure for about 15 seconds. Then gently release the pressure. Try not to let the suction cups slide, if they slide easily you might have used too much moisture.

As you go around the window, adjust the size of the blind to fit using the Velcro patches.
Be aware that changes in temperature or humidity may also mean the cups lose suction.

Do not use the blind on windows that have damaged edges, visible chips, cracks or any other glass or frame damage. Do not use on laminated, textured/patterned or leaded glass or windows with internal wire strengthening

How to remove:
Do not pull on the blind to remove it from the window. Not only do you risk damaging the blind and eyelets but you could damage the window itself. Simply pull on the release tab of each individual suction cup to break the suction.

Pick up location: Papakura - Auckland