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Hire Here is a unique shop in Auckland- New Zealand where instead of buying products for your little one, you can hire them, enjoy for a few days, and return them for others to have the same opportunity.

It is very common for babies and toddlers to use some products for a short period of time, only once or even never use them, because, let's face the truth, they grow so fast! 

What if you could test a product because you are not sure you want to spend money buying it? For example a baby carrier or a maternity pillow. Maybe you can hire the product here and make sure it is right for you!

What if you are planning a party and need an outfit or a decoration that you are going to use only once? Here you might find them!

Maybe you are in town for a short period of time and need to hire a few things that you couldn't bring with you. We can help!

No money waste, no piles of clothes or party stuff accumulating in your house.


Our website has partnership with mums around Auckland who offer different kinds of items. We only offer pick up option at the moment so make sure you check the location before hire a product to make sure you are able to pick it up. Each item has an initial rental price and a little fee for each additional week.


We don't sell items.


Looking for something that is not on the website? Contact us and we will make our best to find it for you.

All the information regarding the hiring process such as payment, cleaning, damaged products and more you can find reading our Terms and Conditions. Please read it carefully before hire a product.

Make sure you also read our Privacy Policy  


If you have any questions, please contact us: hireherestore@gmail.com