4 Advantages of renting clothes for your kids

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We all know that children grow out of their clothes faster than our wage wanted.

Here are 4 facts to convince you to rent clothes for your children:

1. It helps the environment

Did you know that only 15% of clothing is donated or recycled? And most of the remainder ends up in landfill, where it releases up to three times its weight in greenhouse gases?

In New Zealand, it's estimated that 25 per cent of textiles sent to Wellington's Southern Landfill were perfectly fine clothes - that could have been recycled, reused or diverted.

Second hand shops report that they have far more clothes than they can sell which means even when we think our unwanted clothes will find their way to a good new home when we donate, that is just not true.

2. You save money

Kids clothes can be expensive. Parents buy hundreds of clothing items for their child. Items that are typically worn for around two or three months. Some of them worn only once or worse, never used because the child grown up before had the chance to use it. When you rent clothes, you know that you are getting exactly what your child needs without having to worry about find space in your child's little wardrobe or get rid off the clothes later.

3. You help other parents finding what they need

Other parents might be looking for clothes that is either hard or very expensive to find for example a tuxedo, an accessory, a party dress or a costume. Something the child will use only once and you might have it in your house just getting dusty. Instead of throw it in the rubbish or donate to a OP shop, you might consider to rent it and help the clothes to have a longer life while helping other parents.

4. You can earn some extra money

If you decide to rent some of you child's clothes, you can also make some extra money which is always welcome!