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The Hire Here children's store offers parents and children a new perspective on renting children's items.

How often have you bought a toy and the child didn't like it, or purchased an outfit for an occasion and didn't wear it on your child anymore? Did you run out of space at home because of too many children’s items?

This and other problems can be solved! The solution is renting! Be it clothes, toys or even equipment, among others.

Get to know Hire Here Kids Store and its differential in the market!

Hire Here is an online children's store that offers rentals of baby accessories, baby clothes rentals, baby equipment rentals, children's party material rentals, and birthday party decoration rentals!

In the online store, you will find several items that parents and guardians can rent; after use, they can return them, and the items go through a rigorous cleaning process to be put back to be rented. This way, new children can enjoy the same item with safety and quality!

How is the Hihe Here children's store website divided up?

The Hihe Here children's store website is divided into several topics they are:

Our Story

It tells the story of a mother who, after maternity, had to go back to work and her son stayed long hours at daycare, so she had no time to stay with him.

Thus, a solution emerged that could change the lives of many mothers and help them with their income and still balance their professional life with motherhood, and most important of all! Being able not to miss the important milestones of their children.

Our Services

Hire Here Children's Store is a unique store in Auckland - New Zealand, where you can rent products for your little one. This way you can enjoy it for a few days and return it, so other people can have the same opportunity.

Why rent?

Both babies and children use products for a short time, or once, or even never use them. So why buy if you can rent for these periods?

Also, if you are planning a party and need clothes or decorations? Hire Here Store Children's Store can help you!

In case you are in town for a short period of time and need to rent some things that you could not take with you, Hire Here Store can also assist you.

What are the advantages of renting from Hire Here Children's Store?

- No wasted money;

- No piles of clothes;

- Or party stuff piling up in your house.

How to Hire

The Hire Here Store helps each other earn some extra money while also helping the community by providing items that can benefit other families. Using the "use, reuse and recycle" philosophy, as well as helping the environment because waste is avoided.

Go to Hire Here Store

1. Browse the site.

2. Find the products you would like to hire.

3. Pay online.

4. Check your e-mail (including spam box) for confirmation of your order and further instructions on when and where to pick up the items.

5. Enjoy the items!

6. Return them for others to enjoy as well.

Payment options, you can check on the website!

How do I rent an item?

- Check the availability of the item you want in the calendar;

- Choose the dates and for how long you want to hire;

- The advertised price is for the first day;

- If you wish to rent for more days, a small amount will be added to each additional day.

Pickup of Goods

- When you rent goods from our site, you must pick them up and return them to the location provided.

- Before placing an order, please make sure you can pick up the product in the region described in the product description.

- We do not currently offer delivery or shipping options.

Pickup times

The product owner will contact the customer to discuss suitable times for pickup and delivery of the contracted product. They do not do pickups and returns on weekends and holidays.

List your items

If you have any products at home that your child no longer uses, you can hire them and earn money while helping others find what they need temporarily for a fair price.


Hire Here Store follows New Zealand government protocols to ensure that all rental items are stored, cleaned, disinfected and handled safely for customers.

The protocols include:

- Meeting physical clearance requirements;

- Extra hygiene measures;

- Regularly cleaning and disinfecting shared surfaces;

- Wearing a face covering when in contact with customers.

You can contract out the cleaning process for rental items!

Partners are instructed to follow the steps when receiving each returned item.

- Eye inspection;

- Deep cleaning of toys;

- Clothes and fabric cleaning;

- Sanitized toy storage box.

What I can rent at the children's store

- Accessories

- Maternity items

- Baby gears/equipment

- Clothes

- Party

- Toys


You can check other articles from Hire Here Store children's store in the blog!

You can check other information at https://www.hirehere.store/


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